Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AC3 VB30 Best of Video Blogs

Hey everyone time for something special. I've put together a compilation of some of the best moments and some never before seen footage of the video blogs for our 30th video blog. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did :) -Nate

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AC3 VB29 "PAUSE" Giving & Basketball with Rick?

We are coming up on the "PAUSE"! We have a few ways you can still give during the "PAUSE". Check out how during this weeks video blog and see what trick shots Rick has up his sleeve with a basketball. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

AC3 VB28 Community Partnership *Red Curtain

Filming on location this week at the Red Curtain Foundation. Watch as Rick and Dan talk about the upcoming Cotton Patch Gospel drama being held at AC3 this August and why we partner with our community as the church. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

AC3 VB27 Down On The Farm

This weeks video blog comes to you from "The Farm" First Fruits. If you like what you see and would like to become a member of First Fruits visit this link for more info. Enjoy! :)

90 Days and Counting

If you had told me 90 days ago, that Seeds of Grace would be where it is today, I wouldn't have believed it. Why would God invite me, a 5' 1", simple-thinking woman, wife, mother and grandma of three, to play an active role in moving SOG in a new direction? What could I possibly do to help make real life change in how we Reach Out, serve and encourage individuals in our local community?

I struggled quietly with this question over several weeks. But finally, in God's timing, I decided to just be obedient to His calling and let Him worry about the results. Each day I do my best to step out in faith and into new territory. And as usual, I can see God at work in and around SOG and AC3.

The progress and acceptance of our new two-way giving model has been beyond any expectations I may have had. But God knew. He always does.

Has the first 90 days in this change process been without any push back? As a matter of fact, no. Several weeks ago we received a four page anonymous and critical letter of the changes we have made. Through it's verbiage, it appears this person may be a sister in Christ. Oh how I would love to meet and share with her just a few of the God sightings we have seen so far!

I would love to tell her about the tall, dark and confident man who shook my hand firmly and proudly, as he said 'thank you' for letting him give back in the way of serving his new and fellow SOG clients.

Or the story of a women who came in specifically to 'pay it forward' at SOG. She tells me her story. Her husband had been pretty sick and they have incurred a $10,000 hospital bill. She was so thankful for the food they will receive that day from SOG and was so appreciative because she can now use her grocery money to put toward their medical bill. She gave me a hug that was so sincere and full of love that I will remember her hug as if it was the very arms of God around me that day.

It has been such an encouragement to watch SOG volunteers implement new ways of doing things on Resource Exchange days. And I couldn't be any more excited about our Resource Consultants and SOG board members who have met with numerous new clients and are helping them with a variety of life needs. Several of our new clients even want to do life in relationship with us. How cool is that?  To see God at work in our SOG team and the new relationships being built is quite humbling and pretty darn awesome!

I can't wait to see what God is going to do in the next 90 days at SOG and through AC3. After all, it is He who gives us hope and allows us to relax and grow in the midst of changes and challenges.


Compassion books I have been inspired by:
The Great Omission By Steve Saint
Barefoot Church By Brandon Hatmaker  
Interrupted By Jen Hatmaker 
Toxic Charity  By Robert Lupton
When Helping Hurts By Steven Corbett

Seeds of Grace is looking for a few more Resource Consultants. These volunteer hours are flexible and fun. Contact Twila at 360-659-7335 EXT. 202 or email to get plugged in!
“Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.  

AC3 does not necessarily endorse the above books, authors or their advertisers. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"This is a busy place!"

So, I came storming into the office last night at about 6:15 to grab my pack and other stuff after spending an hour hauling compost around the A&T High School vegetable garden.

I was in a hurry, because I needed to load up some bins from Seeds of Grace and return them  to the First Fruits Co-op after they were emptied of around 50 lbs of fresh produce that were picked and distributed from the Food Bank earlier that afternoon.

I almost didn't notice the three strangers sitting in the Conference as I blew by. I reversed course, stuck my head in and introduced myself. Turns out these folks are the leaders of a new group meeting here at AC3: Families Anonymous, a support group for people who have family members trapped in drug addiction. This was their second week meeting here at AC3.

We chatted for a few minutes, sharing our recovery stories (I'm coming up on 20 years) and getting to know each other. I was talking about some of the things going on around here, trying to explain why the Executive Pastor was sitting in front of them in a sweaty t-shirt smelling of compost, when one of them blurted out quite matter-factly, "Wow - this is a busy place!"


It is.

Before I was really conscious of what I was saying, I responded, "What good is a church that's not busy doing God's work?"

It's true.

I thought of everything going on with AC3 people on this particular Wednesday...just the stuff I could "see"... and it was pretty amazing:

  • Johnna, Rick and Jeff were running around getting the Auditorium set-up for "Step into the Story".(beginning this weekend - it's gonna be SO cool!)
  • Braeden and Brandon along with their crew of leaders were getting RELIC (Jr. High group) under way with a big water balloon party.
  • Earlier, in the Lobby, we had hung up some amazing new art by AC3 artist Janet Myer.
  • I had the chance to meet with a Seeds of Grace client looking for rent assistance AND meet with a long time counselee to talk about continuing Godly behaviors and growth in his family life.
  • Julie was madly dashing between tasks all day (her usual state).
  • I briefly caught a glimpse of my beautiful wife, Brenda, as she sorted food for distribution at Seeds.
  • Glee, Kathy, Twila and others served a couple of dozen senior and disabled folks at Seeds.
  • I eyeballed one of the doughnuts on the table; leftover from that morning's Men's Bible Study.
  • Pat and Linda came in for their usual Wednesday book keeping tasks.
  • Jan, Tina, Keri, Linda, Chris, Kim Greg, Tracy and I hosted a group of students from Cocoon House in Everett up at the First Fruits Farm...

Some of the Crew from Cocoon House with AC3 Volunteers

...and that's just the stuff I knew about. I guarantee there was more happening.

There are those who think "church" is a building. 
There are those who think "church" is where judgmental people hide from those they judge.
There are those who think "church" is a social club.
There are those who think "church" is where the perfect people reside.

Those are wrong.

Church without walls...wanna be a part of it?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

AC3 VB26 Step Into The Story

Rick and Dan take a stroll down the street during a beautiful day talking about our next series starting this weekend "Step Into The Story". Watch and enjoy!